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Maintenance and repair all brands

  • What should I do if I don't have a good stitch?
    -> Re-thread the threads, both the upper thread and lower thread
    -> Insert new needle
    -> Insert the needle high enough
    -> Adjust the needle according to the type of fabric (stretch, microtex, ...)


  • I have loops?
    - Loops at the top  -> Check the bottom thread tension
    Is the bobbin nicely wound / placed correctly?

    - Loops at the bottom -> Check the upper thread
    Has the thread been threaded correctly, did you use yarn of quality?


  • How can I sew vinyl, leather, quilts and velvet?
    -> Adjust the needle to the fabric
    -> Use a modified foot such as:   
    - Double-transport foot     
    - Teflon or non-stick sole foot     
    - Roller foot


  • The thread breaks
    -> Use qualitative yarn
    -> Test with different type of yarn
    -> Replace needle
    -> Check the tension and re-thread the machine
    -> Make sure that the wire runs smoothly and cannot get stuck anywhere 
    (For large bobbins, use a separate thread stand)


  • The sewing machine is not working?
    -> Check if the cable is correctly connected to the socket
    -> Check if the machine is switched on
    -> Lower the presser foot when sewing
    -> Check if the bobbin winder isn't switched on



Maintenance and repair all brands

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